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The Heat is Off

Previously I wrote about selling your old Mac for a premium price when you have AppleCare that's transferable. I never did tell you what I did with the money I got from selling my MacBook Pro - a May 2006 model. I took the cash and bought a new, mid-level, 2.5GHz MacBook Pro. My thighs and I are happy with my purchase. 

Deep Tech - Multicore Management

Last month, this space was filled with news about Nehalem, Intel’s next generation of super-tiny, power-miserly, über-muscular, multicored processors. (If you missed my musings, you can find them on the Intertubes here). Among the many advances of this data-wrestling wonder will be its ability to process two simultaneous streams of data and instructions - also known as threads - through each of its cores. In its first incarnation, Nehalem will have up to eight cores, so we’re talking 16 threads coursing through this baby in a process called Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT).

Every now and then you may want to be able to use a Windows-only application. Thankfully you can do that on your Intel-based Mac.