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Protector Case for iPhone 5 Review

The Protector Case is not fancy -- it's just a silicon skin for your iPhone 5, kind of boxy, with less-than-elegant grippy patches that cover Jony Ive's gorgeous diamond-cut chamfer. But it wins points for its low price (just $14.99) and compatibility with the wide, flat Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter.

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Superleggera Pro for iPhone 5 Review

Nobody tries to drop their iPhone, but the darn things are so easy to drop. So smooth, so thin, so constantly in our hands -- and occasionally on the ground. Today in the name of science I dropped my iPhone 5 on the carpet, on lineoleum, and even once I concrete. It didn't break. Some of that is luck -- any drop can break a phone if it lands juuust right -- but some credit also goes to the double-layer Superleggera Pro case.