iPhone Launch

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  According to O2, consumer interest in the iPhone 3G in the UK has eclipsed interest in the current by an unprecedented rate. Well, maybe not unprecedented when you realize that the iPhone 3G can be had for free in the UK on the O2 mobile network. More than 130,000 people have pre-registered their interest in the new iPhone. Compared to the 35,000 people who pre-registered for the original iPhone and it seems the iPhone 3G could be a huge hit in the UK. The iPhone 3G will hit the British Isle on July 11.

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 Gizmodo spoke with AT&T and found out that the mobile carrier will require current AT&T customers to be eligible for an upgrade before they'll hand over the iPhone 3G at its subsidized price.

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 More headlines about the iPhone 3G, PowerPC-hater Snow Leopard, what we all learned at WWDC, and glimpses at an iSight HD and a possible iCar.

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Another day, another round of articles about the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software and OMG have you heard that Apple makes this cool phone?

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The iPhone 3G and the FCC

 The FCC posted Apple’s filing for its new iPhone 3G, and while most of the good stuff is kept under wraps, there are some notable differences between it and iPhone EDGE. 

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 Rumor site, 9to5Mac is reporting that sources within O2 have leaked information about the upcoming O2 launch of the iPhone 3G in Britain. Some of the rumored features coming to the UK: -Wi-Fi coverage across London and other UK metropolitan areas. O2 customers will also be able to use their data account information to log in with their laptops and desktops. - Bluetooth tethering for laptops. Using your iPhone as a 3G modem. If these rumors prove to be true, add in news that O2 is offering free iPhone's with some of their plans, and it seems the mobile provider may be creating an iPhone nirvana.  

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3G iPhone Is Here

Well, our prayers have been answered. The 3G iPhone will be available July 11 for $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). The new slimmer iPhone will have a curvier plastic back available in black for the 8GB iPhone, and black or white for the 16GB iPhone. No more getting your iPhones mixed up with your roomies'.  

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Canadian Rebate Ideas

 Things are looking up for Canadian Apple users. Not only did the Great White North finally get official confirmation from Rogers that the company will soon carry the iPhone, but Apple Canada is offering a $45 credit to owners of older iPods who’ve run into battery problems. Anyone with a first, second or third generation iPod purchased before June 24, 2004 is eligible for the rebate, thanks to two different lawsuits filed in Montreal and Toronto claiming Apple had misrepresented the iPod’s battery life. But what will Canadians do with this newfound wealth? Apple hopes they’ll put it towards a new iPod, but here’s a few alternatives for making the most of this unexpected windfall.

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iPhone Rollout: East-Coast Notes

Thousands of miles from Cupertino and San Francisco, the iPhone rollout still drew enthusiastic crowds.  "You know how big iPhone is going to be?" one of my co-workers posed earlier this week. "My son, who doesn't have a penny to his name, is going to wait on line to buy one, pay whatever the monthly bill is, and - he has a Nokia phone that's good through August - pay a fee to break his contract."