iPhone Launch

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300,000 Europeans Can't Be Wrong

  Telefonica announced 300,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 3G in Spain and the United Kingdom.  They have allowed customers to go to their websites to reserve the iPhone 3G since it was announced earlier this month. Telefonica will sell the device in twelve Latin American countries, the Czech Republic and Spain on July 11. Telefonica sells the iPhone under the O2 brand in the UK and Ireland.

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  Apple doesn't send its brave retail employees into the trenches without proper training. To prepare the Apple Army, the company has issued an internal document outlining how to deal with customers on July 11.

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  Not to be outdone by AT&T’s rumored 8AM iPhone 3G launch in the US, the UK’s O2 is now reportedly set to open their stores at 7AM, an hour earlier than usual, on July 11 to eager customers. This rumor comes second hand from a poster in the Mac Rumors forum who claims to have received the information from an O2 employee.  According to the employee, O2 will be signing up customers for iPhone 3G service starting July 1.  By July 11, the credit check and service contract would be in place so users can waltz into their local O2 store and pick up their new iPhone. The source also claims that O2 stores will be receiving shipments of 5,000 iPhone 3G’s per location.  That’s a mighty number, causing some to question the validity of the source.  Although the employee also states that O2 stores received the same number for the original iPhone launch in November. If the winners in this picture are O2 customers, then the losers are the UK Apple stores.  Because there is no O2 account activation system and a lack of proper training for employees, Apple may be forced to sell only pre-paid iPhones in their stores. Via AppleInsider

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iPhone 3G Virtual Teardown

  The much anticipated iPhone 3G apparently costs less to make than its predecessor. iSuppli released a report concerning the first round of a preliminary “virtual teardown” of the phone’s hardware and reported that the Bill of Materials (BOM) on the 8GB model is only $173. That is pretty extraordinary considering the next-gen iPhone is loaded with new features and is now well equipped to take advantage of AT&T’s 3G network. 

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  A source for Gizmodo claims that it's "highly probably" that the iPhone 2.0 operating system Golden Master will be out this Friday.  That's two weeks earlier than the iPhone 3G hits the streets and just in the nick of time for Apple to make good on its promise for a June iPhone update. "The iPhone 2.0 operating system Golden Master will follow the release of build 345, which has seen the activation of two code-signing and encryption features not previously available." Although this date is not officially confirmed, Gizmodo's source was confident enough to say that "this is the plan."  The 'plan' just might help out the iPhone Dev Team which is working furiously on unlocking the final build before July 11.

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iPhone 3G Sick Day Tips

  The Boy Genius Report got a tip that the iPhone 3G will be launched at 8AM instead of the evening launch favored by Apple during the OG iPhone launch. The early morning launch may be because of the in-store activation issue. No one wants to have their employees working until 5AM the next day activating iPhones. Think of the overtime! If your original plan to leave work and get and iPhone is smashed by this leaked information, we have a few tips to help you call out sick on July 11.

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  The Times Online warns UK iPhone users of the high price of downloading data outside of the country.  Apple’s UK partner, service provider O2, allows unlimited downloads within the country, but once abroad downloading fees are applied.  Charges range from £3 (roughly $6) per MB on data downloaded in the EU to £6 in the rest of the world.

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  AppleInsider is reporting that customers who want their iPhone service pre-paid may be paying more than $600 for the device. A report from Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster,  estimates that 53 percent of the new iPhone 3G’s market is made up of customers who forgo service agreements and go the pre-paid route.  But, if they want the new iPhone 3G they’ll be paying a hefty price. As Apple charges an average of $425 per handset, the estimate assumes that carriers will tack on another $175 or so to make a profit. With a price more than three-times the subsidized price, it is estimated that only 10-15% of iPhone 2.0 users, mostly international customers, will go with a pre-paid plan. AT&T has yet to announce an unsubsidized price for the iPhone 3G in the United States. 

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Japanese iPhone 3G Price Set

 SoftBank Mobile Corp. has announced they will be selling the iPhone 3G in Japan for $215 8GB and $320 16GB. iPhone customers will recieve a discounted price on mobile internet, $56 instead of the regular, $91 for unlimited internet access on other smartphones.   Customers will have to sign a two-year contract with the carrier in order to qualify for the subsidized prices. The iPhone is expected to face an uphill battle winning over the hearts of Japanese mobile customers. The country is saturated with mobile devices and many of those devices have features beyond that of the iPhone, including the ability to watch live TV. The iPhone will go on sale in Japan on July 11.

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iPhone 3G - It's like a magical money tree.   According to Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner, AT&T is paying a subsidy of $325 for each new iPhone 3G. The typical smartphone gets a subsidy of about $200. The analyst goes on to state this high rate "reflects AT&T's faith in the iPhone's ability to attract new subs and increase ARPU (average revenue per user)." If the trucks of cash headed to Apple weren't full enough, AT&T will pay $100 for each new subscription that signs up at the Apple Store. That means, for every iPhone sold at the Apple Store, AT&T will pay Apple a total of $425. The analyst doesn't state if there is a price difference for the 8GB and 16GB models. No wonder AT&T is charging $5 for 200 text messages. Via AppleInsider