iPhone SDK

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Who's Buying a New iPhone?

After all the rumors and leaks, the iPhone 3G is here. Well maybe not here, but it's been announced. On July 11, we expect huge lines for the new iPhone, but will you be in that line? So even with 3G and GPS, is the iPhone 3G a must have device?

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iPhone Apps Safari

 The final release of the iPhone SDK is quickly approaching. As we impatiently await new apps, the Mac|Life staff has been speculating on what apps are already in the works by some of our favorite companies. Tell us what apps you want for the iPhone and we'll call the developer and get the info.

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iPhone SDK Elite

 March 6, 2008 was a day to remember for myself and many other application developers, it was on the day that Apple announced the iPhone software developer's kit (SDK). Apple had over 100,000 downloads of the SDK even before a week had passed. I'd say that response is a bit overwhelming, but still good.