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Stacks Sucks

Stacks: Entirely useless There, I said it. It has been far and away my biggest disappointment with Leopard. Stacks was one feature I was really excited about, but after 10 seconds of using it, I knew Stacks had to go. Worse than being less than I expected, Stacks actually took away my favorite feature of the dock: the ability to navigate through folder structures.

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A Family of Leopards

The Leopard Family Pack living situation.

All Hands on Leopard

There’s a world of power lurking inside Apple’s latest big cat. We give you the complete story on exactly where to find it.Installing a new operating system on your Mac is like unwrapping a much-anticipated holiday gift: There are just so many goodies inside waiting to be pored over and played with. We dug deep into Mac OS 10.5 - better known as Leopard - and found powerful tools, entertaining toys, and the occasional rock-hard fruitcake. Our in-depth Leopard primer is at www.maclife.com/article/living_with_leopard, but we’ve found more teeth on this cat. Come along for a tour of the hidden treats that are waiting for you inside Apple’s latest and greatest OS.

 If you're like me, you probably have several applications open at once. For example, I often have Excel, TextWrangler, Photoshop CS3, Safari, Firefox, Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08, and iTunes open at the same time - and that's not including Entourage, Adium, Twitterific, and other apps that are open all the time.   

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Leopard Laughs at Network PCs

Leopard's network browse reveals how some people feel about Windows.

Switch the 3D Leopard Dock to 2D

1. After you download 2DOrNot2D, launch it and a single-button window appears. Click on the button. 

Fun with Leopard's Screen Sharing

A new feature in Leopard brings new meaning to "infinite loop."

Fix Crashing iTunes in Leopard

JoeSoft's Jax iTunes plug-in caused iTunes to crash when I installed Leopard. JoeSoft's Web site says they "are in the process of updating Jax to be Leopard compatible. This update will be posted shortly after Leopard's release."

 If you can't wait for Leopard or don't plan to upgrade immediately, here's how you can train your Tiger today.

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Analysts have more predictions about the iPhone, iTunes Store to link with Bebo, Apple Stores smashing their goals, and more of today's news.