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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Review

Storm Raiders is the best entry yet in the Sky Gamblers aerial-combat franchise, sending you soaring through two separate World War II campaigns—the Battle of Britain and Asia-Pacific War—packed with diverse missions, intense action, and impressive visuals. Even more notable are the eight-player dogfights, which span a large number of play modes (like team deathmatch and capture the flag) and deliver ample competition whenever you want it. The Mac version doesn’t control quite as comfortably as the iOS version, but it’s still plenty enjoyable.

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TypeIt4Me Review

There’s no reason to every type your name again. Or your email address, or anything else that you find your fingers pounding out over and over. TypeIt4Me lets you set short abbreviations that instantly expand to the longer entry, which can save you tons of time and keystrokes. (The app even tracks those stats for you.)