MacWorld Expo 08

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The Mac|Life Quiz Show

Expo goers answer a series of questions to win fabulous prizes.

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What a Difference a Decade Makes

In January of 1998, you could have bought as much Apple stock as you wanted for $4 per share. There was no iTunes, no iPod, no iPhone, MacBook, or really, much of anything save for the solid operating system software known then as Macintosh.

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Pre-Expo Picture Show

The aura of secrecy that precedes each Mac Expo is almost too much for one Mac|Life staffer. I decided to grab my camera and snoop around the Moscone center today. You know, in case Steve showed up holding a new product and was giving out iTunes gift cards. It could happen. Here is what I found.

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Say Hello to a New Apple Font

An early peek at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, site of the upcoming Mac Expo and, more importantly, Steve Jobs’ foremost keynote presentation of the new year, reveals a new slogan for 2008: “There’s something in the air.”