OS X 10.6.6

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Hairy Tales Review

Getting from one place to the next is trickier than it seems in Hairy Tales, a colorful Mac puzzler that finds you moving and turning various tiles to send the hero safely toward a goal. Initially, this means little more than evading hazards and creating a safe path forward, but as the 70-plus stages progress, you’ll encounter new obstacles, like enemies and fixed arrow tiles. It’s solidly smart and only occasionally frustrating, though the samey puzzles turn a bit monotonous before too long.

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PopClip Review

Over the course of the past few OS X updates, Apple has taken to bringing some of the better features of iOS “back to the Mac.” PopClip adds one of the ones they left out. On our iPhones and iPads, selecting text automatically brings up a context menu, but when using our Macs, those options require an extra right-click. With PopClip, a customizable, iOS-style pop-up menu appears over selected text, allowing easy access to the actions we use most.