In this episode, CoolMacPicks has a couple of very cool iPod shuffle accessories.

Listen in as the Mac|Life editorial team plans their iPhone-purchasing strategies.

Take a gander at the newest model of Apple's super-sized notebook.

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CoolMacPicks showcases some very cool travel accessories for your iPod.

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An inside look at DriveSavers, which has been rescuing Mac data from failed hard drives for 22 years.

Steve Jobs revealed more details about Leopard, but overall his speech was a dud.

Are Google and Apple prying into your private life? Plus, hot new products, the latest in the iTunes Store, and more.

We'll bet that our prototypical aging hippie - Rainbeaux, by name - knows more about your favorite daily writing tool than you do.

Rumors of the June 11th announcements, new software, camcorders, and more.

There's an exciting future for 'Books and Intel's upcoming new processors.