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  iPhone Atlas posted an article reporting that an AT&T minion employee spilled the beans on upcoming MMS support coming to the iPhone. You know, the text messages that include pretty pictures instead of the annoying service AT&T wants you to sign into every time someone sends a MMS message to your iPhone. We're joining the rest of the internet calling shenanigans on this alleged memo. The image above doesn't really help the case. First, the image has the carrier as T-Mobile and secondly, the app on the iPhone in question is SwirlyMMS. SwirlyMMS adds, you guessed it, MMS support to jailbroken iPhones. So lets get back to speculating on the more important issues of the day. Like, where's copy and paste, and what time will I have to leave work to get an iPhone. Come on people, priorities. Via Gizmodo

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  Not to be outdone by AT&T’s rumored 8AM iPhone 3G launch in the US, the UK’s O2 is now reportedly set to open their stores at 7AM, an hour earlier than usual, on July 11 to eager customers. This rumor comes second hand from a poster in the Mac Rumors forum who claims to have received the information from an O2 employee.  According to the employee, O2 will be signing up customers for iPhone 3G service starting July 1.  By July 11, the credit check and service contract would be in place so users can waltz into their local O2 store and pick up their new iPhone. The source also claims that O2 stores will be receiving shipments of 5,000 iPhone 3G’s per location.  That’s a mighty number, causing some to question the validity of the source.  Although the employee also states that O2 stores received the same number for the original iPhone launch in November. If the winners in this picture are O2 customers, then the losers are the UK Apple stores.  Because there is no O2 account activation system and a lack of proper training for employees, Apple may be forced to sell only pre-paid iPhones in their stores. Via AppleInsider

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  A source for Gizmodo claims that it's "highly probably" that the iPhone 2.0 operating system Golden Master will be out this Friday.  That's two weeks earlier than the iPhone 3G hits the streets and just in the nick of time for Apple to make good on its promise for a June iPhone update. "The iPhone 2.0 operating system Golden Master will follow the release of build 345, which has seen the activation of two code-signing and encryption features not previously available." Although this date is not officially confirmed, Gizmodo's source was confident enough to say that "this is the plan."  The 'plan' just might help out the iPhone Dev Team which is working furiously on unlocking the final build before July 11.

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iPod touch - Diminishing Stock?

  With the iPhone 3G stealing the spotlight from its iPod cousins, how does the iPod touch fit into the Apple family? Starting at $299 for the 8GB model, the iPod touch stands out as the pricey black sheep. Sure, the iPhone 3G’s price is subsidized, but try telling that to the penny-pinching masses. Where does the iPod touch go from here? AppleInsider reports that supplies of the iPod touch are diminishing and it may have something to do with a new model rumored to hit shelves in September. Giant electronics retailer, Best Buy also reported reduced quantities of 16GB models, while Apple’s online store showed a slight delay in orders. We called up a few of the busiest Apple retail stores in the Bay Area, including the one in downtown San Francisco, to find out if they had any in stock. Though bewildered by our intern’s awkward phone demeanor, all three Mac Geniuses assured us there were plenty (and were eager to hold one for us). Recently, Apple introduced the back-to-school promo to college students, offering a $299 rebate towards a new 8GB iPod touch with the purchase of a new Mac. Though this is quite the deal, and a great way to own the MP3 player-slash-mini computer without actually purchasing one, it could just be a ploy by Apple to exercise excess inventory. It appears that the iPod touch is nearing the same fate as the iPhone, with Apple depleting supply so as to make way for an army of new and improved successors. We expect a September announcement, just in time to excite eager consumers for the holiday shopping season.

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 More headlines about the iPhone 3G, PowerPC-hater Snow Leopard, what we all learned at WWDC, and glimpses at an iSight HD and a possible iCar.

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 Rumor site, 9to5Mac is reporting that sources within O2 have leaked information about the upcoming O2 launch of the iPhone 3G in Britain. Some of the rumored features coming to the UK: -Wi-Fi coverage across London and other UK metropolitan areas. O2 customers will also be able to use their data account information to log in with their laptops and desktops. - Bluetooth tethering for laptops. Using your iPhone as a 3G modem. If these rumors prove to be true, add in news that O2 is offering free iPhone's with some of their plans, and it seems the mobile provider may be creating an iPhone nirvana.