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Rumor: App Store to Launch June 27

 TUAW, posted this screenshot from the Australian iPod touch page that shows the App Store launching June 27. That's a bit earlier then the "early July" official statement from Apple. We searched the site looking for this image and tried looking at cached versions of the site from yesterday with no luck. So either the image was only up for a few moments today and then quickly pulled and someone is now searching for a new job, or it's a mockup created by the TUAW tipster. We sent a query to TUAW about the image and will update when we find out who took the image in question. Regardless, if this is true, yippppeeee! 

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  For as long as Apple has been delivering revolutionary, drool-worthy products that defy expectations and redefine conventions, fans have been scrambling for a peek under the next black curtain. With the proliferation of 24/7 news sites and bloggers, the race to report rumors has become cutthroat competition; as such, stories can sprout from anywhere --- patent filings, supplier contracts, inventory fluctuation, dormant string names and, of course, anonymous tips --- and often spread as fast as actual press releases. Last month’s report on upcoming iPhone subsidies, for example, originated on a Fortune blog and included a number of juicy, unconfirmed details that were picked up by The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Washington Post, and Canada’s Globe and Mail, to name a few.

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 As Macworld Expo approaches, we Mac fans begin to conjure up crazy ideas of what Steve Jobs could show us next. Some of the rumors have been swirling around a new tablet Mac -- specifically a slate tablet, say about 10-inches viewable and employing a modified version of the iPhone's Multi-Touch keyboard. Yes, the tablet rumor has been around for the last couple years, but now, all the ducks are in a row. Behold: Eight reasons (with and without evidence) the tablet is imminent: 

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We’ll be revealing four amazing – but purely conjectural – Apple product studies in the January issue of the magazine (check this website on Nov. 26 for the full article). But for now we wanted to share our vision of how this fabled tablet might pan out.   We call it the MacBook Flash, and it eschews a bulky hard drive for featherweight flash memory. Granted, the lack of a spinning disk is all just rumor-mill hearsay, but the concept isn’t so far-fetched. The solid-state Flash could be slimmer than three-quarters of an inch thick, and include a touchscreen OS for drag-and-pinch navigation and fingertip data entry. For times when you need to write anything of length, you’d slide the screen upward, revealing a keyboard (à la the Sidekick mobile phone). Optical drive? Très gauche! Instead, you would install apps over an Internet connection (à la third-party iPhone apps) or through FireWire and USB drives. Only power demands compel us to spec the Flash at thicker than a half-inch. With a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 128GB of Samsung memory, and a 12-inch glossy widescreen display, this MacBook will need a legitimate power supply. So please consider. And check back on Nov. 26 for a peek a four entirely new product directions that Apple might explore.