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Scosche Folio iCase for iPad Review

We’re not opposed to the idea of a professional looking, leather texture portfolio case for the iPad.

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Scosche switchBACK G4 Review

For the media obsessed iPhone 4 owner, this Scosche case comes with interchangeable back plates that enable you to transform the case into a stand for watching movies, engaging in a FaceTime chat, or just to have the device angled for when you're playing music. Then, when you want to return back to normal, simply snap on one of the other two metallic-looking backings for the rest of the day. The idea is ingenious, as having a perpetual kick stand can tend to get annoying when the hinges become loose and don't clip back into place. However, you might want to employ a screen cover since there's no much of a barrier between your iPhone 4's frontside and the floor you could potentially drop it on.