Snow Leopard

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 More headlines about the iPhone 3G, PowerPC-hater Snow Leopard, what we all learned at WWDC, and glimpses at an iSight HD and a possible iCar.

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Snow Leopard: For Intel Macs Only?

Not so fast -- the Snow Leopard that developers got is just a preview. But yes, it's a preview for Intel Macs only.  So you may have heard some rumors that the next version of OS X, code-named Snow Leopard, will work on Intel Macs only. Screenshots (and more) from the developer preview being handed out at WWDC attendees show that the current (emphasis on current) version of Snow Leopard requires "an Intel processor." Processor support for the final version, expected to ship in a year or so, is still unconfirmed.

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 Apple’s newest operating system was announced at the 2008 Worldwide Development Conference. Code-named Snow Leopard, the new version’s moniker implies Apple is focusing on refining the operating system more than making major changes.

Living with Leopard

There's a lot to like about Leopard - and a few things we don't like. Apple has done their part to stoke the excitement, as well. If you’re a true MacLifer, you’ve watched the Guided Tour and have pored over the oh-so-comprehensive list of Leopard's "300+ New Features." You've also perused Leopard's system requirements and have taken note of the more-demanding requirements for iChat. If you're a tech type, you've dug into the Leopard Dev Center and have given the Leopard Technology Overview more than a passing glance. But the question remains: What's it like to actually use Leopard for day-to-day work?