Steve Jobs

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iPhones For EVERYONE!

 While I was combing over every bit of rumor and speculation that has seeped from the slimy underbelly of the internet over the past few weeks, I had a revelation. Maybe it's iPhone fatigue, maybe it's the four Red Bulls I had before breakfast. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be a winner.

 The head’s heavy that wears the crown and no head’s probably heavier than Lil’ Stevie Jobs is right now. Starting Apple Computer [now just plain ol’ Apple], along with friend Wozniak, building it up into some sort of modern colossus of miracle engineering (PERSONAL computers? Who’d a thunk it?), being summarily booted from company and then doing the hero’s return to rescue the company from imminent demise it’s been a rocky ride.

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Lego My Apple

Recreate the genesis of Apple through the power of Lego.