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Make Your Own TV Show!

That cable box isn’t going to fill itself.There are hundreds of channels out there, and not all of them can show endless reruns of Who’s the Boss? No, TV-land needs new shows, and lots of ’em.If you’ve spent any time watching what passes for entertainment these days, you’ve probably thought, “Heck, I can do that!” Well, why don’t you, then?

Show Me The HTML

Mozilla’s SeaMonkey suite contains Composer, which gives you WYSIWYG drag-and-drop webpage creation, as well as full access to the underlying HTML code.  

Phone to Mac, and Back

The Bluetooth icon in your menubar contains this menu. Choose Browse Device to transfer files to or from your phone. If both your phone and your Mac have Bluetooth, you probably won’t need any additional software to transfer your photos from your phone to your Mac. First enable Bluetooth on your phone (check your phone’s manual for instructions for your specific model). Now, on your Mac, go to System Preferences > Bluetooth, turn Bluetooth on, and click the plus-sign button to set up a new device. The Bluetooth Setup Assistant will launch and guide you through connecting to your mobile phone. After you’ve successfully paired your Mac to your phone, check the box that says “Show Bluetooth status in the menubar.”

Visualize Whirled RSS Feeds

If you’re using the RSS Visualizer screensaver in Tiger, you’ll see a list of all the RSS feeds that you’ve bookmarked in Safari. In Leopard, you can even type in the address of an RSS feed.  

Dimming Be Damned!

Unchecking this option in System Preferences > Energy Saver will prevent your MacBook’s screen from dimming before it goes to sleep.

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 Dennis Liu, creator of our favorite screencast music video, "Again and Again" from the indie band, The Bird and the Bee, took us through the process of creating the spellbinding video. 

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 With all the hoopla surrounding the Apple TV, many Mac owners are unaware that an easy device for streaming iTunes media may already be sitting in their entertainment system. All three of the latest game consoles—PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii—are capable of streaming media from your Mac to your television over your existing network. 

Showing the Date in the Menubar

MenuCalendarClock gives you a cornucopia of calendaring features right in your menubar, such as displaying your iCal or Entourage events in a pop-up “pocket calendar” view.

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Safari can prompt you to remember your usernames and passwords for many websites.

Emma goes one step further than many email marketing sites, by custom-designing an email template—like this one—that matches your company’s website and style.