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 Keep tabs on where you've placed a particular song.

*without spending more than a grand

I mean “quel dommage,” not “quell the damage.”

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iPhoto Sharing Is Caring

 How to open ports to share your iPhoto photos on your home network.

Sometimes you need Open With, but usually it’s quicker to simply double-click or select Open. Right? 

Now your Mac will always use the same IP address.

Believe it or not, the world of audio actually extends beyond iTunes and the iPod. When you’re facing well over a hundred audio-file formats (if you don’t believe us, see www.sonicspot.com/guide/fileformatlist.html and be amazed), understanding the world of digital audio may seem more than a tad overwhelming. Here’s a first step in comprehending the clouded mysteries of the digital-audio world.

Each day has 24 hours. This article has 40 ways to make each of those hours more pleasant and productive.It's time to let your Mac into your life. We mean really let it in. After all, juggling email, working with digital photos, and managing your media are just a fraction of what your Mac can do for you.Think we're exaggerating? We were afraid you might be skeptical. So we collected 40 things you can do today to integrate your Mac (and your iPod) more fully into your everyday routines.

"Give me the Man in the Yellow Hat! Now!" Feral Interactive (www.feralinteractive.com) plans to bring Black and White 2 to the Mac this spring - but we've got tips today! In this god-game sequel, common sense is your best weapon, no matter whom you align with. Taking the good path? Care for your pet and your people. On the highway to hell? Have your pet unload its bowels on the populace. Whatever road you choose, these tips will help.