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Time Machine Wireless Backup?

Time Machine can back up to another volume on your network, just not a USB hard drive connected to your AirPort Extreme router.

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Don't Just Give That Mac Away

Transfer AppleCare for fun and profit.

DVD Preview

DVD’s Preview DVD Playback feature mimics what you’ll see on your TV screen.

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 Macs are expensive. Let’s just go ahead and admit that right away. Yes, they’re the best computers on the market, and each new Mac includes useful software like Mail, Safari, TextEdit, and the iLife suite for no extra charge. But many consider certain high-priced software packages—specifically, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, although the list doesn’t end there—to be so standard that they’re practically required purchases. Indeed, when people ask us about switching from a PC to the Mac, one of the first questions usually is, “I’ll have to rebuy Office, won’t I?” Not necessarily.

Missing My iLife ’08


Keyboard Shortcut Question

We’ve assigned a whole bunch of hot keys in Keyboard Maestro to help us perform different tasks, such as pressing Control-4 to increase the system volume.

 Enjoy yourself. For most of the self-employed, a bad day of freelancing beats a good day in the cube farm.  The life cycle of a business idea can be a beautiful thing to behold. From the “Eureka!” moment when you discover what it is you want to create, to the moment you get a nice, big, fat paycheck for selling your creation, getting a home business up and running can be a wonderful, empowering experience. But if you think it’s just a matter of getting the right gear, you’re wrong. All the gear in the world won’t help you break the shackles of working for The Man if it’s used incorrectly (or costs too much). Indeed, the keys to success are the soft ingredients: the best Mac applications, the best online services, the best practices for making a go of it alone. We offer a six-page primer on establishing financial self-determination—with your trusty Mac by your side. 

Mapping Network Drives

An alias to the network hard drive is sitting in the Dock, so it’s just one click away for easy access.

Holidays A'Poppin

Apple offers a U.S. Holiday calendar (along with over 130 other calendars) that you can subscribe to.

iPhone In Sync

Entourage’s preferences let you turn on Sync Services so that your Entourage data is always kept in sync with Address Book and iCal.