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AppleWorks Drawing Workarounds

EazyDraw is a worthy successor to the Draw module in AppleWorks 6. 

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Take a Letter

 Transcriva gives you an iChat-like interface for transcribing your audio files.  

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Animated GIFs in OS X

 I just switched from the PC to the Mac, and one of my favorite files is an animated GIF of a dancing cat. When I double-click this file on my Mac, it doesn’t work. Are GIF files PC-only?

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Show Me the PDFs

  Ever since I purchased a new MacBook Pro, I’ve suffered the indignity of having to download Web-linked PDFs to my Desktop instead of viewing them directly within Safari, because Safari only displays a gigantic Adobe Acrobat icon. What am I doing wrong, and how can I fix it?

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iTunes Control Issues

Bring Synergy to your tunes

Double your productivity! (sort of)

iPod Solo

Just because you plugged in your iPod doesn't mean you want iTunes.

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Use the Past for Future Projects

Archive.org is a treasure trove of video and audio clips.

My formatting palette flies off the screen. What's a Mac|Lifer to do?


Put your Mac down in no time flat.