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iTunes Enabled Carpal Tunnel

That burning sensation in your wrist? Not a good thing.

I Don't Want to Eject You

Looking to disable that dastardly eject key?

Presentation Tip for Your Mac

Zoom is also useful for those with impaired eyesight.

The time comes in every Mac user’s life when he or she hits the metaphorical wall: That rainbow-colored beach ball shows up way too often, and your Mac is bogged down by too many files, big caches, too many cookies, and who knows what else that builds up with everyday use. Or you think you’ve done everything you can to be more, ahem, productive, and your Mac still isn’t fast enough. Well, you don’t have to live with that state of affairs. We’re skipping right past the obvious time-savers (keyboard shortcuts? Been there, done that) to show you some of the best ways to speed up your workflow - and herd some more of your time back to pasture where it belongs - whether you have absolutely no time to spare or you can make a 20-minute investment in your Mac’s smooth operation.

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 Who's first?

An Apple Related Holiday Gift

 'Tis the season to spend money. But if you aren't quite sure what to spend it on, Apple has an idea for you.  

Gears of War Tips

We need no invite to this party, puny humans! Gears of War (price to be determined), the new third-person shooter from Epic Games, is coming to the Mac soon. In the game, human soldiers fight for the Earth's surface against the invading Locust army that emerges from underground. Study these tips before you get the game, and you'll be better prepared for survival. 

This is how GarageBand ’08 will look when it is ready to start recording from your keyboard. In this example, you’re about to start recording a grand piano track.

DEVONthink Pro Office lets you go paperless by letting you scan, save, organize, and search all of your documents.   

Mac Keeping You Up at Night?

In Leopard, you can easily set a hot corner to sleep your display within the Expose & Spaces pane of System Preferences.