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iPhoto Woes

Icons make for easier picking and choosing, so feel free to use Icon view and download the pics individually.

iTunes DVDs a No Go

I can't burn my iTunes purchased TV shows to DVD?

Better Your iLife (Part 3)

 ...with Mac|Life's collection of iLife '08 tips and how-to projects.

Playlist Order Juggling

Press the first column's top box to manually rearrange a playlist.

...with Mac|Life's collection of iLife '08 tips and how-to projects.

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Sony's Fear of Firewire

Sony's new Handycam doesn't speak Firewire. What's a budding Spielberg to do?

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Two Spaces, two Chats, too confusing.

Who'd have thunk fax would make it to the 21st century?

Better Your iLife (Part 1)

Create, share, enjoy: It’s Mac|Life’s tagline, but it might as well be iLife ’08’s, too. Apple’s suite can do a lot for its low $79 price, weaving together audio, video, and photos into fun projects like a personal website or blog, hardcover photo albums, home movies complete with original music, and more. We reviewed the apps in iLife ’08 in our November issue, but this month we’re sharing our best tips and project ideas, to help you get the most from iLife’s new features. We hope they will inspire you to fire up your Mac - and your imagination.