Holding down the Option key will reveal several hidden options to choose from in your AirPort Utility’s Radio Mode pop-up menu.  We had an AirPort Extreme wireless network that our HP LaserJet 1022nw was wirelessly connected to, and it was working fine until we switched to a Time Capsule as our wireless router. Now our printer can no longer see our wireless network in its SSID list, and when we manually type in the SSID information and WPA password information, it still can’t connect. As of press time, there’s an incompatibility between some HP wireless printers and Apple’s implementation of the 802.11n wireless protocol built into the Time Capsule’s firmware (currently at version 7.3.1). By the time you read this, a Time Capsule firmware update should be available.  In the meantime, go into your AirPort Utility (located in Applications/Utilities), connect to your Time Capsule, click the AirPort button at the top, select the Wireless tab, and then hold down the Option key while you click the pop-up menu for Radio Mode. This will reveal several hidden options, including the one that you want: 802.11b/g compatible. Choosing this option will result in speed degradation on a network of all 802.11n devices, but it will enable your HP printer to see your wireless network once again.