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 More headlines about the iPhone 3G, PowerPC-hater Snow Leopard, what we all learned at WWDC, and glimpses at an iSight HD and a possible iCar.

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Another day, another round of articles about the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software and OMG have you heard that Apple makes this cool phone?

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Video: WWDC '08 Keynote

 If you couldn't make it to the keynote, Apple has posted the entire video on their site. See actual demos of products! See Phil Schiller make fun of ActiveSync. See the unveiling of the 3G iPhone. Check it out!

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WWDC Keynote - Live Updates

Live from the floor of Moscone West.

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All-Night Code Fest

 I got a WWDC email this morning that made me wonder if developers really spend their free time having all-night code fests. My message to developers visiting San Francisco during WWDC, after your sessions are over, please enjoy the beauty of the city. Developers, do you really text each other like this? Tell us in the comments below. 

At this morning's WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs provided few new Leopard details, introduced Safari for Windows (yawn), and threw developers an iPhone bone. We're both underwhelmed and impressed.