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The Revolution Will Be YouTubed

 You’ve finished your cinematic masterpiece and now you have to tackle the biggest problem facing filmmakers today: How do you distribute your video to the plethora of available outlets: DVDs, iPods, iPhones, the Internet, and God forbid, Zunes. Considering the number of codecs and video formats out there, getting your brain wrapped around all of them can be an exercise in futility. Don’t fret, future Antonioni, we’re here to weed out all the excess and you give you the information you need to get your film seen now without the need for a degree in video engineering.

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Video is a Leopard/Mac feature tour.

Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra

Shooting and editing video doesn't get much easier - no cables required.

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 While Apple has declared that I'd "be surprised by some of the stuff" I found lurking behind the YouTube button on my iPhone, I've mostly been frustrated by the videos I can't find. YouTube and Apple had promised to expand each week upon the 10,000 videos available at launch until the entire catalog is converted to the H.264 format this fall, but there remain glaring gaps in its current inventory, especially if you're looking for your friend's latest animation experiment.