4 Awesome Terminal Tricks to Tweak Your Desktop



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I used all but the first terminal trick and they all worked first time. I love the 'cut and paste' feature offered on the website as it eliminates the errors that result from trying to type in gobbeldy-gook.




When I did this, I realized, hey, there has to be a simpler way. That's why I turned to automator to create an applications that runs the screensaver command without copying and pasting the command each time. So, I created a script that ran the command. Then I realized, to quit it, I needed to go to Activity Monitor to kill ScreensaverEngine to stop it. Then I decided, back to Automator, and I created the script with the unix command "killall ScreenSaverEngine"... So now, in my dock, I have an app to start it without the command madness, and when I want to recover from motion sickness, I click the killall app.



I have tried typing the instructions, then I tried pasting them. Finally by pasting the formula and hitting return each time then pasting in the "kill command" and again hitting return, I found a number of spaces next to the terminal icon all the way on the right of the dock. But couldn't move them to any other location. Finally I discovered you could quit them, and I got rid of them. Tried several times - spent more than 15 minutes. Didn't work for me.



Where do I get that cool screensaver?



I just tried #4 and after typing killall Dock my dock disappeared and never to return. I continuously get the pinwheel and my computer freezes, not allowing me to run anything. Help please!



yes... me too. i was able to restore things by first, logging in w/ a safe boot, and then, deleting 2 dock preference files. this restored my dock to default settings, and my laptop was up and running well again. I'll provide details here:

1. safeboot- start computer and wait for the start up tone. immediately after the tone, hold down the shift key. release shift key when the grey apple icon appears. allow the system to boot (you'll notice a time line indicating how long it will take). after a few minutes you should see a safe boot login screen. log in.

2. preferences- once you are logged in, don't try to do too much, like browse the internet, or check for the dock, etc, your computer may freeze once again. Instead, just go to home-library-preferences, and trash the following files:


hope that works for you!



I deleted the files first and then restarted in safemode, i didn't see your comment until after the update from the post to delete those files....but nothing happens, can you help me please? T__T


Roberto Baldwin

Hi all,


Sorry about the CMS introducing odd quotes. The problem has been fixed and you can copy and paste directly from the site now.





Spacing in the Dock can also be created using Deeper found at http://www.titanium.free.fr/

Deeper gives you the choice of creating spaces between Applications (which will place the space at the far right each time (or bottom depending on Dock orientation) and then you can drag the space where you'd like it). Each space has to be created and then dragged to where you'd like it. Spaces can also be added in the Documents section (to the right (or bottom) of the Crosswalk spacer the same way.

Deeper has many additional tricks it can perform also! Just a happy user and not affiliated in any way!



How about this for the Dock: You can make your app icons transparent when they're hidden. It makes it easier to identify which ones are hidden (and running). Type this into Terminal with out the : symbol and quotation marks

Step 1: "defaults write com.apple.Dock showhidden -bool YES"

Step 2: "killall Dock"

Undo: "defaults write com.apple.Dock showhidden -bool NO"



Thanks MatthewF -- that did the trick!

Take care,




The CMS software here is converting single- and double-quotes to their curly alternates. Looks nice, ruins the commands. Copy and paste these instead (I put "code" tags around the the commands in my comment here):

defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}'

defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-others -array-add '{ "tile-data" = { "list-type" = 1; }; "tile-type" = "recents-tile"; }'



I seem to be the only one who keeps getting error messages...



Don't copy and paste. It's adding extra spaces. If you type it out exactly as it is above, it will work.



Had the same experience as ScripTeach.



dock spacer doesnt work

thats the right one
defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add '{tile-data={}; tile-type="spacer-tile";}'



Wait, I still get an error message telling me it can't parse the information.



Tried to #4, create a Recent Stack, but got this when ran command:

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `}'

Maybe it's because I'm copying and pasting?